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Become a leader in sustainability and energy conservation.

Clean Energy

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Training and Certification Program for Certified Energy Manager

About Us

Philippine Energy Professionals International INC., an integral part of the AGC Group, is a group of engineers from different fields of expertise who are leaders in their own industries with a common passion to serve, support, and advance energy efficiency and conservation practice internationally. Armed with a firm faith in our Lord, the group is spearheading the way in institutionalizing energy engineering training with a dynamic approach of involving government regulatory bodies, educational institutions, engineering associations, researchers, and scientists both locally and globally. Our mission is service, and our passion is excellence.

Philippine Energy Professionals International Inc. is proud to be part of the AGC group and to deliver specialized training programs that promote sustainability and energy efficiency. Discover what PEP has to offer and take the next step toward your professional development.

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  • Establish Linkage to the world's professionals and expand the scientific and technical knowledge.

  • Bring inspiration and innovation to every Energy Professionals globally.

  • To promote awareness, education and engagement in the industry.

  • To develop knowledgeable and competent Energy Efficiency Professionals.

  • To conduct research and development for the advance the use of best practices.


To be the Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Globally.

Our Core Values

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